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Welcome To The Health

Have you ever gone into a natural health store and been overwhelmed by the variety of products and choices? Are you interested in natural medicine & how it can improve your health, but don't know where to start?

Perhaps you are frustrated by the limits of conventional medicine in addressing health topics such as nutrition, supplementation and preventative medicine.

Consult online with The Health and allow me to be your guide. I will address your particular health concern and give you constructive advice to improve your health, including supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Why Consult Online?

  • Consult with a qualified natural health professional & receive a personalized protocol to take with you to your natural health store
  • Convenient and private
  • Fits into even the busiest of schedules; can be done day or night
  • No travel or sitting in waiting rooms

Free Health Resources

In addition to online consulting, l also offer a variety of free natural health information, a bookstore and a practitioner & green-living links page on The Health…...enjoy!

“The first wealth is health”
~ Emerson ~